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Good Impressions

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Doing good, together

At Go Media we believe in the power of giving.

Good Impressions is an initiative that lets our customers play an active role in donating advertising value on our digital billboards to organisations that are achieving positive social outcomes across Aotearoa.

It doesn’t cost a cent to be involved – but it will make a world of difference to the people you help us support.

"Good Impressions has played a pivotal role in raising an astounding $3,312,916 for us on Gumboot Friday. The success of this initiative owes much to the unwavering support of Good Impressions, and for that, we are eternally grateful.”

Mike King, Founder of I AM HOPE

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How does it work?

  1. When customers contract a campaign, Go Media will gift them no less than 5 Good Impressions, that’s 5 ad-views, for every dollar they spend.
  2. Customers elect to donate their Good Impressions to one, two or all three social outcome categories of Wellbeing (Piki te ora), Environment (Piki te taiao) and People (Piki te tangata).
  3. Go Media will then distribute the donated Good Impressions to the benefitting organisations in each category.

Customers will be presented a certificate annually, thanking them for their participation and confirming how many Good Impressions they donated over the year. 

How to get involved

If you're interested in taking part in our next Good Impressions intake, please apply by downloading and filling out the attached form.

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Benefitting organisations

Go Media team-members played an active role in selecting the benefitting organisations, which include:

Piki te ora

Uplifting our wellbeing

Piki te taiao

Uplifting our environment

Piki te tangata

Uplifting our people