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Outdoor media experts Go Media have onboarded Scope3, the collaborative sustainability platform leading the decarbonisation of media and advertising, to create a low carbon emissions ‘Go Green Screen’ ad-pack. 

Using Scope3 data, Go Media can offer carbon emission measurement on request for all DOOH campaigns. This gives New Zealand marketers accurate emissions data to help better understand the carbon footprint of their campaigns, with measurement an important first step on any carbon reduction journey.

For brands wishing to make an immediate reduction, the ‘Go Green Screen’ ad-pack gives media buyers the option to run campaigns across lower emission screens within the Go Media portfolio.

“By introducing carbon measurement with Scope3, brands will gain visibility into campaign emissions, and insight to simply and effectively minimise their emissions from advertising”, says Go Media General Manager Simon Teagle. “International findings prove DOOH emits less carbon per impression than all other measured media, and we wanted to help surface that story with marketers in this part of the world.”

Scope3’s data accounts for all the various digital screen types and venues used for DOOH advertising. Granular and channel-specific data makes it possible to precisely understand emissions generated by these types of ads, while also helping to identify meaningful reduction opportunities. One of Scope3’s early findings from modelling DOOH advertising is that the most sustainable advertising option isn’t always the smallest screen — debunking the myth that large screens are the biggest carbon emitters.

“Scope3 helps advertisers identify and avoid high emissions inventory across the entire digital advertising ecosystem, including digital out-of-home,” said Jo Georges, Country Manager ANZ at Scope3. “Our partnership with Go Media will accelerate action to reduce the carbon footprint of DOOH campaigns in New Zealand by giving marketers the insight required to make meaningful change.”

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