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Feature Billboards

  • AK00111-2 295 Karangahape Road

    Auckland - Supersite

    AK00111-2 295 Karangahape Road

    This Premium Supersite provides commanding long views up K-Road and has multiple stopped viewing intervals at traffic lights travelling towards Ponsonby and Newton....

  • AK00117-1 229 Queen Street

    Auckland - Supersite

    AK00117-1 229 Queen Street

    When Location counts.Queen Street Auckland.This profile 14m x 6m Spectacular has long visuals up Queen Street and provides massive exposure to the bustling foot...

  • CH00118-1 479 Moorhouse Ave

    Christchurch - 6 x 3m

    CH00118-1 479 Moorhouse Ave

    Possibly the best 6m x 3m site in Christchurch. Located on Moorhouse Avenue- adjacent to three lanes of traffic- targeting traffic heading East along Moorhouse Ave...

  • WL00106-1 Courtney Place & Kent Street

    Wellington - Supersite

    WL00106-1 Courtney Place & Kent Street

    This high profile site is located at the intersection Cambridge Terrace and Courtenay Place. It also faces traffic coming from Oriental Parade onto Cambridge...

  • WL00115-1 61-63 Thorndon Quay

    Wellington - 6 x 3m

    WL00115-1 61-63 Thorndon Quay

    Viewed by CBD traffic alongside Westpac trust Stadium and set amongst the plethora of Thorndon Retail homeware stores and cafes. This perfectly positioned 6m x 3m...


AIRBUS SIDESBuses offer high exposure and strong recall. The outdoor observer notices bus advertising because it m-o-v-e-s, 67% of them! More importantly, people prefer buses with advertising.

Because people pay more attention to and are twice as likely to remember a moving ads, bus advertising has the power to change people’s minds and shift brand preference. Book a bus campaign, it’s a no brainer!